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· One of the main tasks that Ballu engineers and developers set is the creation of high-tech, intelligent equipment which would be convenient and economical for both domestic use and industrial operation.
Over the past three years, more than 40 patents for Ballu own technological and conceptual developments have been registered. We actively develop our own information platform for remote control of Ballu equipment through the mobile application on personal gadgets. Inverter technologies have been taken to a new stage in new categories of equipment.

In collaboration with leading companies in the niche areas of climate technology Ballu constantly improves and creates new product lines adapted for severe climatic conditions.
Our advanced
DC - Invertor
Smart WiFi
DC - Invertor


Inverter technology created by the Japanese corporation Toshiba gained strong foothold in the technical tool kit of Ballu and became one of the mandatory standards of equipment. Inverter technology allows you to control the power and performance of devices smoothly with high accuracy, which dramatically improves the technical data and increases energy efficiency of appliances — up to 30% of electric energy savings.

In 2017, Ballu engineers were the first in the world to integrate the principle of inverter technology into household heaters-convectors by creating a fundamentally new category of heaters — electric convectors with electronic inverter control Digital Inverter.

The operation principle of this technology is extremely simple. Device power supply system smoothly modifies power of the heating element depending on the difference between actual and set room temperatures. If necessary, the convector quickly brings the temperature to the user set value. Afterwards, it only operates to maintain temperature while reducing power consumption. Conventional devices always run at full power. Ballu equipment with inverter control principle consumes as much electricity as necessary, and thanks to that the declared saving of energy consumption is achieved.
Smart WiFi


Ballu is actively developing its own technology platform Smart Wi-Fi Technology for remote control of equipment through mobile application on personal smartphones. In addition to standard switch on and off functions, desired operating mode setting function, the user receives information on the current consumed power of the device and amount of electric energy saved.

A special module is installed on devices to connect to the home Wi-Fi network and ensure operation of the application. This network is connected to the mobile phone of the owner, after that owner can control the device remotely, for example: switch on and off the air conditioner, adjust the fan speed and temperature.

The mobile application runs on iOS and Android devices, and all the equipment can be combined into a single climate home network and be programmed according to user-friendly scenarios.
24/7 flexible programming of operating modes
Measuring energy consumption of connected devices
Geolocation operating mode

Transformer System Technology.

It may happen during use of equipment that it lacks some capabilities, or, conversely, some of its functions are not used.

Ballu decided to change this and let you decide on the selection of design version and functions you need. This is how the Ballu Transformer System concept came to light.

In 2016, Ballu made a breakthrough in the development of domestic heaters and for the first time used the Transformer System Technology in a mass production, which gives an opportunity to customize the convector depending on the required operation conditions. Select independent convector modules separately and assemble the device that you need. Everything is very simple: select the heating module of required power, one of the three heating control systems: mechanical, electronic or DIGITAL INVERTER and device installation type: wall- or floor-mounted. Additionally, you can expand the functions by purchasing one of two detachable modules for convector SMART control — presence detector or Wi-Fi control module.

The comprehensive system of convector-transformer elements includes 40 versions of combinations of various interchangeable and supplementary options and functions. Due to EASY CLICK system all the elements are easy to assemble in 2–3 minutes.

Removable control units:

Heating modules:

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Floor chassis
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