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Product Line Up

Air conditioners

Air conditioners

All the latest and advanced air handling technologies are integrated in Ballu air conditioning systems. A wide range of models provides the best choice for any type of rooms and solves any task of any complexity level.
  • Inverter split systems
  • On/Off split systems
  • Inverter multi-split systems
  • Portable conditioners
  • Floor -ceiling split systems
  • Floor standing split-systems
  • Cassette split-systems
  • Split-systems’ accessories
Ventilation and air purification

Ventilation and air purification

Fresh air without dust, allergens, odors and impurities in your home. Maximum clean and healthy air with Ballu air cleaners.
  • Air-handing purifiers
  • Air purifiers
  • Exhausting fans
  • Accessories
Air humidifiers

Air humidifiers

Ballu air humidifiers help to restore and maintain a healthy microclimate at home for adults and children.
  • Humidifiers
  • Air washers
  • Humidifiers for children
  • Accessories
Air dehumidifiers

Air dehumidifiers

Effective air drying in premises with high level of humidity. Quick drying of clothes, surfaces, furniture and interior items.
  • Drying complexes
  • Traditional dehumidifiers
Water heaters

Water heaters

Reliable and modern Ballu water heaters will provide you with hot water all year round. The model range includes the series of both compact flat and classic round design versions.
  • Electric water heaters with stainless steel tank
  • Electric water heaters with stainless tank


The patented, unique and economical technologies of modern heating are implemented in household heating equipment to create a new level of comfort and quality of life.
  • Convector heaters
  • Oil-filled radiators
  • Electrical fan heaters
Professional heating equipment

Professional heating equipment

The choice of professionals to solve special tasks of outdoor and indoor heating. A wide range of models from the heat guns and curtains to gas infrared heaters.
  • Electric industrial fan heaters
  • Gas industrial fan heaters
  • Diesel industrial fan heaters
  • Electric infrared heaters
  • Destratifier fan
  • Gas infrared heaters
  • Professional water air curtains
  • Electrical air curtains
  • Interior air curtains
  • Water fan heaters
Electrical hand dryers

Electrical hand dryers

Convenience, reliability, economical operation and modern ergonomic design will provide maximum convenience and efficiency of use.
  • Standard hand dryers
  • High-speed hand dryers